Do you need a spectacular emboss done?  Or a simple die cut?  No Problem.  Whatever your job calls for from the simple to the spectacular (and everything in between)-we’ll work with you, so it’s perfect for you and your pocketbook.  We offer the following services:



From small to large dies, Tru-Cut can deliver the tool you need. In any industry; foam, paper board, corrugated, plastic, leather, rubber, we can help design, layout and manufacture your die cutting die to your specifications. Please contact us and one of our customer service representatives will help guid you through the ordering process. We aim to take the guesswork out and streamline your process. We also offer full stripping unit manufacturing and blanking unit capabilities.


At Tru-Cut, we aim to offer you the best corrugated rotary dies in the business, we are constantly striving to add the most up to date technology on all of our dies, from the rubber to the layout, we can get the details and specifications you need to get the fastest turn times on your press.


We offer the most up to date technology on scoring counters.  Let us help you take hours out of your make ready times by offering these multiuse counters that replace time consuming matrix.  Just let us know the paper sheet thickness and we can tailor the scoring channels to the right width. Our steel scoring plates are machined to the highest specifications and tolerances. Made to work with your die like a glove to get the best possible product off of your press with the highest efficiency. Get the perfect score every time.


At True-Cut, die cutting is a specialty, not a side line. We can die cut as small as a business card size, all the way up to a 40 inch full-size sheet. We can handle a myriad of different substrates from paper, board, and corrugated, to plastics.

A die cut is achieved by first creating a steel-rule die that is used for cutting the material in the desired shape. We can produce anything from display boxes, header cards, point-of-purchase displays, to pocket folders. We have a wide range of “stock” cutting forms at your disposal, with no charge for their usage. Or we can help you design a custom form to give your project an extra something.


The basic concept behind foil stamping is simple. The process is achieved when a stamping die is mounted on a platen and heated. Foil is then placed between the die and the material to be imprinted. When the die presses against the foil, the heat releases the coloring layer from the foil and binds it to the end product.

Foil stamping does not produce a raised image. In the print finishing industry it’s called flat foil when the design is not raised; but when it’s combined with embossing, it is called foil embossing.  Foil stamping is the only printing process capable of applying bright, non-tarnishable metallic effects to paper.

Foils are not limited to gold and silver, or for that matter, even metallic finishes. In fact, foil stamping is available in a wide array of colors, finishes and effects, such as: marble, snake skin, wood grains, pigments, metallics, subtle tints, matte and gloss finishes as well as, defraction and holographic foils.

The slightest variation in paper, foil, temperature or pressure can affect the outcome, so the skill of our press operator is invaluable and critical to the quality of the finished product. Trust our experience and expertise when using foil stamping on your project. Here at Trade Print Finishing our foil stamping really outshines the rest.

We also offer scratch off foils for when you need to produce “scratch-and-win” games, promotional pieces, or coupons, think Trade for the winning number.  We can stamp a variety of foil colors and designs over your prize cards.


Is the process in which paper is pressed into a relief using heat and pressure.  It requires an etched metal die and a matching counterdie. When a paper stock is pressed between the heated die and the counterdie, the desired image is pressed into the stock.

Embossing creates a raised image on the paper. When the same process creates an indented image, it is called debossing. You can achieve an elegant embossed effect with only one level of etching that renders a flat image with either a beveled or rounded edge, or a sculpted look with many levels of etching.

Embossing adds a distinctive touch to folders, business cards, stationery, folders, and covers.  Choose a blind emboss or add foil or ink to create a distinctive emboss that’s sure to stand out.


The process involves applying a liquid and curing it with ultraviolet light to form a glossy surface. The U.V. process doesn’t involve the traditional solvent-based chemicals, and is therefore a more environmentally friendly coating procedure.

When a coating is applied to a specific area, as opposed to an overall surface of the sheet, this application process is referred to as spot coating. This process allows images or other printed or embossed elements, to be even further

U.V. coating also improves the durability and the protection of the printed piece.  This process can be used on magazine and book covers, calendars, labels, and many other unique projects. We can Spot UV sheet sizes ranging from 8.5” x 11” all the way up to 28” x 40.”


Flood UV means that the surface of a sheet is covered all at once by the coating. This method is a quick process as many products can be covered at once. It leaves behind a visually-appealing shiny aura throughout your printed product. We handle sheet size ranging from 8.5” x 11” all the way up to 28” x 40.”


At Trade we provide you with a vast amount of UV options. Whether it’s UV Glitter, UV Profile, UV Satin, UV on Uncoated, UV Tinted, UV Textured, or UV Matte; we got you covered. You can really make your printed product stand out with these unique coatings. Contact us to find out more or to get samples.


When it comes to putting your project all together we’ve got you covered. With our automated folding/gluing machines we can have your project ready to go in no time at all. We do it all from pocket folders, CD sleeves, to video boxes.

Sometimes certain jobs require special attention, for this very reason we also offer hand assembly when your job requires it.  We can make your project really come together by putting all the finishing touches on it to make it really get noticed.


The process of gluing two sheets together is known as sheet to sheet mounting or Litho Laminating. You see this process used a lot in point of purchase displays in stores and in advertising and promo pieces.  We can help you get your product or name out there. We’ve got you covered from the front and the back.


At Tru-Cut we also offer custom wood crate packaging for your shipping needs.  We can fully integrate material handling directly into the crate and add custom internal features including struts, braces, and foam padding.  Our crates are used for the shipping and storing of electronic, medical, and other industrial parts or devices.  We also create custom one off shippers if needed.  From design to finish, let us handle your custom crating needs.


Flash cutting is a dieless digital cutting system which utilizes a CNC machine to cut through material ranging from .001 of an inch up to 1” inch thick materials.  It can be used for one off prototyping on many different mediums from paper, plastic, foam, and rubber, or as a precise cutting option for longer runs.


Transfer tape is a highly versatile tape product consisting of a thin adhesive film, which can be readily transferred to most dry surfaces, on a peel-away liner.  Some typical applications where Transfer Tape is used are: card board envelopes, CD wallets, product information sheets, and any other item where you need a strong adhesive strip with a removable liner.


We also offer a wide variety of handwork that can help you achieve your accomplish various tasks.